Contact information

For any issue related to the exploitation of Palette, access for users to the platform and financial arrangements related to the Use of Palette, please contact:

Mr. Joost Thissen
Stichting Reflexion
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+31 6 24465514
Haarviltstraat 39
5341KV, Oss, the Netherlands

Palette is an online platform fostering togetherness among seniors.

Essential characteristics are:

    • Palette connects people to each other and to the activities/events they like: the platform shows what’s going on in their village or part of town.
    • Palette enables people to create activities on the platform and share these with others.
    • Palette encourages trust among seniors in using ICT; privacy is fully guaranteed.
    • The platform is easy to use, also for people with low computer literacy. It has been designed with continuous contributions from seniors.

Palette uses smart matching: based on the interests specified in their personal profile, users will see a selection of activities that are attractive to them.

The Palette motto: "Enjoy life together"

Palette helps users to have an easier and more joyful life. Retirement is no longer a barrier to have a good time with people in the neighbourhood. Research has shown again and again that taking part in community life helps people to stay healthy and happy.

After 65, we may live 20-25 years or more. There are so many things to do in all those years. Palette provides a platform to find these things and enjoy time with others.


Empowerment of seniors

Palette supports seniors to be active members of their community and valued participants in society. The proportion of older people in our society is increasing. Based on their lifelong experience, seniors have a huge potential as contributors to social, cultural and economic life.


Palette is a direct channel to reach seniors

Palette is a platform bringing seniors together. It is the ideal place to reach this target group for your business. Palette operates at local level and it offers a relevant platform to SME’s to expose their business offer, be it a bakery having a special weekly offer, or a car seller announcing new models.

Large scale advertising is also an interesting option: travels for seniors and mobility solutions for people with impairments can be advertised on the platform.

For more information on this subject, please have a look at our business pages on this website (link).