This project will result in an online platform offering essential services to seniors.

  • The platform will be easy to use for all who want to join.
  • Palette helps to meet others with the same interest by activities, services and courses.
  • Palette will achieve this with a smart matching technique.

The Palette motto: enjoy life together

  • Let Palette find people for you who like the same things (John also likes to make long walks, Mary also likes gardening, see their details).
  • Let Palette find for you the activities that you like (a cooking course, a movie nearby, a bridge club).
  • Let Palette find for you the services that you need (Peter likes to walk your dog, do shopping for you, here is the nearest library or medical centre).

Retirement shall no longer be a barrier to being active!

After 65, we may live 20-25 years or more! There are so many things to do in all those years and Palette helps you to join in!