Palette provides a barrier-free (easy to use) platform for communication and information, designed for people who do not have a lot of experience with computers and internet.


What does that mean?

When you are a user of Palette, you can tell the system who you are (contact details), what you did when you were working (your jobs), what kind of activities you like  (hobbies, sports), where you would like to go (holidays), and so on. You just tell the things you want to share with other users of Palette and no more than that! The system will store these data in your personal profile, and other users can have a look at it just as you can look at other profiles. No personal data will go outside the system: your privacy is ensured.



But the system can do more for you! It will use your profile to find others with the same interests or background. You may receive notifications that a lady in your village is also fond of gardening (and asks for help), or that a group of seniors is planning a day out to a city you like, or that there is a bridge club just two blocks away. Or maybe you will get a tip that a young engineer (with the same skills as you have) is trying to set up a company: he may need your help!


These notifications will go both ways: you may be contacted by someone who is looking for you!

Based on personal profiles, Palette connects users. People who are (for instance) searching for volunteers or professionals can find experienced, retired seniors who are willing to offer their skills and expertise. Palette matches people, services, activities and courses that will help you to find the ones you want to be with, just as it will help others to find you. The system will look for similar profiles, but also for local activities services and courses related to the interests of the user.

Palette is a platform that assists seniors in being active participants in society. Besides hobbies and daily leisure activities, this may include continuation of work, especially voluntary work.



People want to engage in exciting or satisfying activities and they want to be valued for what they do. The proportion of older people in society is increasing and the potential for their contribution to social, cultural and economic life should increase accordingly. Just imagine:

  • a retired CEO becomes an online coach for a young entrepreneur with high potential
  • a single, pregnant woman is supported by an experienced mum (who has time because of her retirement).
  • a retired house painter is now a volunteer at the local museum that has no financial resources
  • seniors find each other in a fundraising action to support a school in Africa
  • the kitchen and bathroom of a poor family are maintained by a retired plumber (for free)
  • an older lady walks the dog of a busy family living next door


Active life does not end at the age of 65 and retirement should be no barrier to being active. After 65, we may live another 25 years or more. There are so many things to do in all those years.

An exciting perspective!



The PaletteV2 platform results from repeated co-design and co-creation processes in which seniors are actively participating. They tell us what they want and what they understand (or not).

We are simply building that …

And this process is not finished yet: we still need your expertise as a senior concerning your needs and preferences. We do not want Palette to only serve the (young) ones who are already used to computers and internet. The platform should be useful to anyone over 55 years of age. That is a real challenge and we need your help to be successful.




Design and development are ongoing. We need to keep up to date with changes in technology and in society. If you are willing to help, please go to the contact page and select the contact person in your country. The seniors who helped us until now, confirmed that it was not difficult at all. It was just a lot of fun to do!  


IMG 20160815 164734143 HDR

Photo by Marlies van Kol


All Palette functionalities will be adapted to the perceived needs of older people: empowerment of these groups is a leading principle in our design and development.


PaletteV2 is the name of a European innovation project. The name stands for: Participative Activity and Learning Environment offering Targeted ICT Tools fort he Elderly. The project receives financial support from the AAL-programme (Active and Assisted Living).


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