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Palette provides a barrier-free (easy to use) platform for communication and information, designed for people who do not have a lot of experience with computers and internet.


What does that mean?

Users of Palette can tell the community who they are (contact details) and what kind of activities they like (hobbies, sports). They tell the things they want to share with others; no more than that. Palette will store these data in a personal profile, and other users can have a look at it just as a user can look at other profiles. No personal data will go outside Palette: privacy is fully ensured.




Palette proposes activities related to personal preferences. For each upcoming event, a user can see if other people are interested to attend and who already decided to go. Users can see that persons are going to the same event and look if there are more interests that they share. Users can send internal messages through the platform to other interested people to check if they can go together. Finding out about shared interests and being able to contact others, is a strong feature of Palette. Hardly any other social platform is able to do that.



Examples of the Palette platform in operation:




After setting up your personal profile in Palette, the platform may show you that a group of seniors is planning a day out to a city you like, or that there is an group of cyclists nearby, or  a bridge club just two blocks away. Of course it is entirely up to you to take action or not! Moreover: the platform works both ways: you may be contacted by someone who is looking for you! Other people may see that you are planning to attend an event (you clicked the button underneath the event that you are going) and they can check your personal profile as well. You may be surprised by someone sending an internal message that he/she likes to walk just as much you do, so why not go together?



Essential value of Palette


Based on personal profiles, Palette helps users to connect. Palette matches people, events or activities, services, and courses that will help you to find the ones you want to be with, just as it will help others to find you.


Palette is a platform that assists its seniors to be active members of their community and valued participants in society. Besides hobbies and leisure activities, also voluntary work can be announced on the platform. People want to engage in exciting or satisfying activities and they want to be valued for what they do. The proportion of older people in our society is increasing. Based on their lifelong experience, seniors have a huge potential as contributors to social, cultural and economic life.




The Palette platform results from a co-design and co-creation process in which seniors are actively participating. They are telling us what they want and what they understand (or not). We simply build what they tell us …

This process is not finished yet: we still need your expertise as a senior concerning your needs and preferences. We do not want Palette to only serve the (young) ones who are already used to computers and internet. The platform should be useful to anyone over 55 years of age. That is a real challenge and we need your help to be successful.




If you want to help, please go to the contact page and select the contact person in your country. The seniors who helped us until now, confirmed that it was not difficult at all. On the contrary: it was a lot of fun to do!


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Photo by Marlies van Kol


All Palette functionalities will be adapted to the perceived needs of older people: empowerment of these groups is a leading principle in our design and development.


PaletteV2 is the name of a European innovation project. The name stands for: Participative Activity and Learning Environment offering Targeted ICT Tools fort he Elderly. The project receives financial support from the AAL-programme (Active and Assisted Living).


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