The final product and services of Palette will be commercialized to different types of customers and stakeholders:
  • public and private organizations representing elderly
  • national or local government agencies that have responsibility for the health of citizens,
  • enterprises that produce and commercialise ICT devices and solutions for aging applications
  • private or public organizations that contribute to finance or enabling AAL products and services (public sector service organizers, social security  systems, insurance companies)
  • service providers that integrate solutions into their services - developers who want to use the existing solution as a basis and expand it with new services for different target groups
The Palette solution is oriented to the B2C market (mainly through online sales or in stores) to the interested end users or family members who desire to provide a loved one a suitable tool to stay active. The solution also aims at the B2B market: services companies specializing in home care,  specialized hospitals and residential care centres.
In this case, organisations buy the service and products to offer them to their clients, which will be helpful to better position themselves in the market.
All the partners of PaletteV2, mainly the industrial partners will be involved in the exploitation of the project results. A detailed business and exploitation plan will be designed in Task 2.2 with the objective to attract both commercial and industrial interest in the project’s system and results at a European level. The business and exploitation plan will also include a detailed analysis of potential partners and competitors for market penetration, taking in account the wide healthcare market, but also the distinctive features of the market of eHealth and in particular AAL technologies. First of all, PaletteV2 partners will intend to gain market share in their domestic markets. Secondly, they will develop an indirect sales network by establishing partnerships with companies that could distribute products and solutions across the European market. For the market entry, the main argument to advertise the benefit of the Palette  solution will be result of pilots. In order to ease future commercialization, the Palette system will be shown to potential customers and stakeholders, The business and exploitation plan will estimate the costs for market deployment and will involve a joint effort by all partners. The PaletteV2 partners will also self-finance part of the future investment and will also seek public or private investors to support the commercialization process of the proposed solution. After the end of the project, the industrial partners will apply for patents in order to protect and exploit the results of the project. The economic revenue for the companies will come from: Palette solution implementation at customer premises, Palette solution customization and integration with customers’ ICT systems and technologic support and maintenance. It is expected that the first customers will be the end user organisations in this consortium. The technical partners will be able to capitalize on the Palette solution in order to facilitate the development of customized applications for various clients, both in the eHealth sector and in other domains