Monday, 01 October 2018 08:47

Palette receives an end-users price at the AAL forum

Written by Lea

From 24th to 26th September, the Project PaletteV2 has been successfully presented and promoted at this year’s AAL Forum in Bilbao, Spain. The PaletteV2 booth attracted a lot of visitors and several municipalities have demonstrated their interest.

Our representatives on spot have demonstrated the useful platform as well as other functionalities to the audience, aiming to bring the future of digital transformation of health and social inclusion closer to the user.



For the presentation of the Palette functionalities and the Project we received a price from a panel of end-users that have evaluated all the products presented during the forum. That is a strong signal demonstrating the good work that has been performed until now in this project and the adequacy of our product with the end-users needs.