Tuesday, 02 October 2018 09:06

Palette joins national initiative in the Netherlands to avoid loneliness among seniors

Written by Joost Thissen

In recent years, the National Ministry of Health, Wellbeing and Sports started an initiative to ban loneliness from social life.



Picture from brochure of the ministry


The problem is know to be serious among seniors, as statistics have underlined: the older one is, the higher the chance of becoming lonely. The government has launched a national action plan to ensure participation of people at all ages.

The plan focuses on endorsing local action: municipalities are invited to come forward with their local and regional initiatives to help seniors be part of community life. Palette also adopts a local approach to launch its social activity platform and it fits well into this new policy. Therefore we agreed to join our efforts and make sure that we benefit from each other’s work as much as we can. As a first step we will identify municipalities that already contribute to the national plan to see how Palette may fit in.