Wednesday, 09 January 2019 13:17

About Palette in 2018 and at the beginning of 2019

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During the year 2018, partners from University of Bucharest (UOB), Romania, have released information and have tested the platform Palette at senior clubs from Bucharest and together with the individual users. The final months of 2018 were represented by the Alpha and Beta testing of platform Palette: two tests that had as purpose to familiarize users with the final functionalities of Palette and to create individual accounts. At the end of the year, in Bucharest, UOB could boast with 24 accounts created on the platform and with approximative 5 meetings with potential end users - individuals’ users and members of an NGO from the capital city.

For 2019, UOB will continue its collaboration with both NGOS and with various senior clubs from Bucharest in order to present the platform in front of many more users and in order to help the active seniors from Romania to familiarize faster and easier with social networking platforms.

In the last months of the Palette project, UOB wishes to reach „the houses” of a higher number of active seniors from Bucharest.