Would you like to share your experiences with us?


Are you an older adult (60 years of age or more)?

We are working on the design and the various functions of the PaletteV2 platform to help older adults (you!) to stay active, also after retirement.

  • Volunteering
  • Finding a new job
  • Getting involved in community activities and work
  • Learning new skills, applying these skills with your peers, in your hobbies
  • Teaching competences to your peers or (grand)children
  • Mentoring; giving guidance to others based on your knowledge or experience 
  • Finding online information (for instance about legislation, taxes, history etc.)
  • Start your own company

We would like to get in touch with older adults (you!) who are willing to brainstorm and talk to us about a digital, online platform that will be developed as a major part of the PaletteV2 project. The goal of this project is to provide helpful and necessary tools to people, who are going to retire or who have retired recently, so they will be able to participate in our society.

With such tools, we can help you and your fellows to stay up to date with the modern world and all it’s technological developments. We can also help you on many different other levels, for instance to find another (paid) job, to connect you with people who need your expertise or help, to share experiences and learn new computer skills. We also want to make it easy for you to find people for social activities, like talking over a cup of coffee or going out together for a walk. Last but not least we want to provide help and support to you when you decide to start your own new business.

Are you 55+, almost retired or retired? Do you feel the need to develop yourself further or do you have some special knowledge or skills that you like to share with others? Or do you just want to meet people of your generation?

Please do not hesitate and join our group sessions. If you know somebody who would fit in this group, simply invite them! We organise group sessions with 5-8 people and we will talk about meeting and helping each other and about staying active through work.


Let’s connect!


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Our focus group activities have two goals: (for us) to understand the needs and wishes of you (the older adults) and to establish an order of priority for the new technological functionalities we will develop. This priority order will follow what you told us about staying active through work, volunteering, sharing experiences, learning or teaching others your skills. This goal can only be achieved with your help! Only when you tell us what you expect to do after retirement, we can decide on what is needed in terms of technology development.

After completing this “field research” (talking to you and your fellows), the necessary functionalities that we detected, will be presented. See below for our list of themes with short descriptions. This list will lead through a conversation about the importance and content of these functionalities. But we will also ask you whether this list is complete: there may be functionalities we had not thought of ...

Finding a new job

This part of the system will be useful if you decide after retirement to look for a new job. You can indicate that you are searching for a job, plus you can upload your CV and your personal profile in the system. Companies that have vacancies will be able to search the system for suitable people to work for them. You can find jobs just by looking for vacancies in the platform. Or the system can match profiles from job seekers and companies automatically: you will be notified when the system finds a match. The same approach applies to voluntary work that you may be looking for.

Learning and sharing skills

Before and certainly after retirement, you could mentor younger people by sharing your experiences. Similarly, young people could help older people like, for instance by teaching you new skills (i.e. using digital online platforms). Mentoring will stimulate people to share their knowledge and to gain knowledge. Topics suitable for mentoring are very diverse, for example starting a company, guiding new employees, and teaching skills to other people.

Information about life after retirement 

What will you do after retirement? The Palette platform will provide an overview where people around the age of retirement can find all kinds of useful information. For instance: what is happening in your community involving retired (or just older) people and where can you find information about financial issues, like taxes, your pension, insurances etc.

Community work & volunteering

Looking around on the Palette platform, you will find who is in need of your volunteering services and you can see where such services are carried out in your neighbourhood and by whom. Through the platform you can get in contact with others who have specific requests, like shopping together, having a buddy to talk to. Other requests of fellows could be very simple, like hanging up a picture, walk their dog, tidying their garden.

Starting a company

When you retire, you do not run out of energy or ambition at the same time! Maybe you think it is time to make more of your qualities, but now as your own boss. Being a clerk or a nurse for most of your lifetime could have conceived your artistic qualities for the outside world, so why not start a  gallery for expositions of your own work and that of your fellows? The Palette platform will offer support with setting up your own business, it will help to share experiences concerning the start and operation of an independent business. It will lead you to relevant information, for instance about writing a business plan, setting up your budget etc., but it will also provide a matching option to find a suitable coach for you as a starting company owner (much like the matching facility that we described above).



Getting involved in community activities and work